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Our Services

We offer a range of services to meet your needs.

  • ⦾Mobilizes, builds capacity, digitalize and contracts climate vulnerable smallholder poultry farmers in Kenya (most of whom are women, youth & persons with special needs), to supply eggs to DVL, through a buy-back off-taker programme. The capacity building includes trainings on financial & digital literacy, entrepreneurship, commercial poultry rearing, green & circular economy and production systems (biosafety, feeding, watering, quality control).
  • ⦾ consultancy services in poultry farming
  • ⦾Supply high-quality chicken eggs at competitive prices.
  • ⦾Supply high-quality poultry feed and pharmaceuticals, at competitive prices.
  • ⦾Process agricultural commodities into diversified, specialized and high-value products and by-products.
  • ⦾Links contracted farmers to verified inputs & services providers and stable market.
  • ⦾Agro-tourism at DVL’s farms.

Our Products

Explore our quality products.

  • ⦾Raw eggs
  • ⦾value added egg products.
  • ⦾Livestock feed.
  • ⦾Eggshells powder.
  • ⦾Organic fertilizer.
  • ⦾Green briquettes.
  • ⦾biogas.
  • ⦾Ex-layers.
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